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I stayed here for a week early Oct and with the world cup on everywhere charging a fortune, what a suprise how wonderful and clean this place is with amazing facilities, made me wish I was back at Uni.
Breakfast fully cooked was included over in the halls and there is a small convenient shop in the grounds plus a bar below charging cheap uni prices for food and drink.
Try it out i loved it and also location is the best

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The cuts of fish are big & tasty, good prices, cheap uni!, cash only! I'll be back :)

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I'll also mention uni (sea urchin), though both male and female gonads are used. Uni used for sushi is not marinated, but usually just washed in salt water. Uni has a soft texture unlike any other kind of roe. Good uni is rather expensive. Cheap uni should be avoided.

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“I guess I'd drink it if that was all that was on offer, like at a house party of a really, really cheap uni friend.”
Name: Grace Chen (陈姝莉)
Home town: Chengdu
Age: 28
Occupation: Business analyst

This exciting rail station attracts many tourists and is one of DC’s most visited locales. Cheap Uni
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