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Choosing a college is a lot like shopping for any big-ticket item like a house or a car — consumers demand quality and value. And Oregon State University delivers. The 2016 Fiske Guide to Colleges has named Oregon State to its list of 44 Best Buy Schools.

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Seriously. There are literally millions of products that you can buy through SchoolBuy that will support your school. There is something for everyone - and usually a lot more than just one thing. Half the fun is searching through the partner stores and seeing what products are available through SchoolBuy. The other half of the fun comes from ordering your products, knowing that you're doing good and helping your school.

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A packed lunch isn't automatically healthier than one you buy at school. If you pack chocolate cake and potato chips, that's not a nutritious meal! But a packed lunch, if you do it right, does have a clear advantage. When you pack your lunch, you can be sure it includes your favorite healthy foods — stuff you know you like. It's not a one-size-fits-all lunch. It's a lunch just for you. If your favorite sandwich is peanut butter and banana, just make it and pack it — then you can eat it for lunch. Or maybe you love olives. Go ahead and pack them!

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