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I then selected another 15 books at random from the “top 100” best-selling books at the time of writing and examined whether you can really buy books cheaper in Kindle format rather than their physical counter-parts.

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However in order to make my purchasing decision with my head rather than my heart, I thought it would be a useful exercise to work out how cost-effective owning a Kindle really is. Is owning a Kindle really an effective way to buy books cheap or are we all being fooled by Amazon’s marketing department?

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Now we’ve gathered some data, let’s do some basic “number crunching” to get a better idea of whether owning a Kindle is an effective way to buy books cheap, and if so, what are the real-world savings you can expect?

Purchasing a Kindle solely with the aim of buying books cheap therefore seems like a pretty fool-hardy venture.
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Fortunately – as you’re about to see – there is a simple yet effective way to buy books cheaply online and save a surprising amount of money on what you would have spent shopping elsewhere.

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However there is a way to get those juicy savings and buy books cheap without having to fork out for a Kindle. How? Quite simply there are Kindle apps available for virtually every device out there – for Windows, for Macs, for iPhones and for tablets. In essence the device you’re using to read this article right now can be used as a Kindle with the right software.

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If you’re an obsessive reader like me, yet hate to spend unnecessary money, it makes perfect sense to try and buy books cheap. Oh sure, hardcore frugal fanatics may balk at buying anything – instead relying on the public library system.