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Young vocalist Bharat Sundar, from Chennai, shot to fame by winning the Jaya TV's Carnatic Music Idol title. A senior music reviewer wrote, 'He has a good voice with a nice range, impressive articulation, and adherence to the specific kalapramana of the individual songs he sings. Evident in his concerts are good training, attitude and manodharma. For one so young, his music is mature.'

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Bharat Sundar's vocal recital had all the ingredients of a lively and brisk kutcheri. His creativity matched by exceptional dynamism was evident even from the opening ‘Jalajaksha' varnam in Hamsadhwani. His raga alapana of Gowrimanohari for the kriti, ‘Gurulekhavanti' mapped the contours of the raga's beauty revealing his musical perception. His imposing structure of Ritigowla was built around sensitive core perceptive sancharas for the kriti, ‘Ninnuvina.' Rahul's deft bowing on the violin struck a rapport with the vocalist's imaginative heights. Swaminathan's (mridangam) energetic patterns vibrated with refinement in the percussive wing. These junior artists are destined to go places.

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Up and coming artists K. Bharat Sundar, R. Raghavendra, Sandeep Narayan and Rithvik Raja sang in unison and in parts with cymbals and ‘ciplakattai' in their hands. B. Srikrishnan followed them on the harmonium while Sivaraman bolstered the proceedings. The audience was so enthusiastic that even a 30-second raga alapana drew applause. True, there was a surge (pravaaham) of devotional songs; but, at no point, did the programme touch the pulsating crescendo of vocal or rhythm, which is generally the highpoint of a bhajan.

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At present a student of vidwan PS Narayanaswami, Bharat Sundar started learning Carnatic music at the age of six Bharat is also learning percussion. Rama speaks admiringly of Hanuman’s voice as 'springing from the bosom, traversing the throat and emerging at a soft, medium pitch.' Bharat Sundar’s voice too sounded the same as the ‘Viriboni’ varnam in Bhairavi (ata talam), began. As a child, Bharat Sundar performed in over 600 concerts as a member of Ramjhi’s Issai Mazhalai, a prominent music group featuring children. He has travelled widely with the group in India and abroad. His exposure through Issai Mazhalai has been a great preparation for Bharat’s concert career. He is a graded artist of AIR.A strong voice with a fairly good range is Bharat Sundar's asset. His was an energetic performance beginning with the Sri Raga varnam and followed by ‘Entara Nintanaku' in Harikhambodi, which was adorned with niraval and swaras for ‘Seshudu Shivuniki.' Bharat Sundar's concert for Kartik Fine Arts confirmed that he is living up to the promise he has shown in the last two years. Whether it is dexterity of voice, a good sense of the , in , and , or concert craft — he has all of these ingredients in good measure. There is ample evidence that he has and continues to receive good guidance from his gurus. While he has worked on the dexterity of his voice, he would do well to make it fuller, rounder and stronger in the lower registers. This would substantially enhance the impact of his presentation. Throughout the concert, he did not explore the lower registers. Given his capability, he should set higher standards for himself. It would be good to see him dig deeper as a musician rather than as a performer and add the element of to his music., a unique festival dedicated to the art of singing, is all set to take place between August 3 and 5 at the Mylapore Fine Arts Club auditorium. This event, organised by Carnatica, in association with Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, has received an overwhelming response from music lovers for the last two years. The three-day event is intended to make the art of pallavi singing and its inherent challenges familiar to the audience and to encourage creativity in this musical form. Reckoned as the ultimate challenge to a Carnatic musician’s creativity, “on the spot pallavi singing” will be the highlight of the festival. This year, Pallavi exponent J. Venkatraman will be honoured with the title . There is also a special lecture demonstration on the intricacies of Pallavi construction by J. Venkatraman. The festival will feature a mix of popular and young artistes ranging from Bangalore T. S. Satyavati, Sangeetha Sivakumar, Abhishek Raghuram, Palghat Sriram to Bharat Sundar, Ramakrishnan Murthy and Vishnudev Namboodiri.
18:45 - K Bharat Sundar (Carnatic Vocal), RK Shriramkumar (Violin), Neyveli R. Narayanan (Mridangam), KV Gopalakrishnan (Khanjira)

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Bharat Sundar's story is different. In a sense, he came to Carnatic music by singing film songs. “When he won a prize in a music contest at a function in his father's office, his parents put him in music classes. “In Jaya TV's programme ‘Ragamalika', I lost in the semi-finals, and as a consolation, I was given a set of CDs of concerts of various vidwans. These CDs were my first exposure to the Carnatic music concert pattern.”

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As a child, Bharat Sundar performed in over 600 concerts as a member of Ramjhi's Issai Mazhalai, a prominent music group featuring children. He has travelled widely with the group in India and abroad. His exposure through Issai Mazhalai has been a great preparation for Bharat's concert career. He is a graded artist of AIR.

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Bharat Sundar, who is now training under P.S. Narayanaswamy, was adjudged Carnatic Music Idol 2010. Does he also plan to sing in films? “My preference is for Carnatic music. I won't turn down offers from film music directors. But I will make up my mind depending on whether I like a particular tune. I listen to film music, rock, blues, the Beatles and so on.”