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It should be noted that there are not standard educational requirements to become a broadcast journalist, although most employers prefer journalists who have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications. However, some employers may hire applicants who have a degree in a related subject, such as English or political science, if they have a sufficient amount of relevant work experience.

How to Become a Broadcast Journalist

  said before becoming a broadcast journalist, she wanted to be a professional athlete.

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To become a broadcast journalist, you will first need to determine what you want out of a career, and what you are willing to put into it. If you are interested in a career that allows you to be in front of a camera, interact with people from all walks of life, and you have an interest in current events, you may be well suited for a career as a broadcast journalist.

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Broadcast journalists work in television, radio and multimedia to write, produce and edit news segments. Completing a bachelor's degree program and an internship are important steps to becoming a broadcast journalist; continue reading for information on how to enter this career. Schools offering .

Amy Fox's dream of becoming a broadcast journalist started as an elementary school student.
Below we've outlined what you'll need to become a broadcast journalist. We've also included helpful information for a broadcast journalist career, such as job description, job duties, salary expectations, a list of possible employers and much more!Broadcast journalism is a highly competitive field, and many candidates don’t stand out from the others. Above all else, those who hire broadcast journalists look for candidates with experience. A great way to get experience while you are a student is to get involved with the student newspaper, radio or television station on campus; this can prove to be invaluable experience if you want to become a broadcast journalist.If you want to become a broadcast journalist, having a proper education can be crucial to your future success. You should begin the process of obtaining your education by choosing a university or college with a great communications or journalism program. You’ll want to select a program that offers a wide variety of communications and journalism courses, and one that offers you an opportunity to connect with professional broadcast journalists. The first step in becoming a broadcast journalist usually takes place behind the scenes. Broadcast journalists may begin their career at a small television or radio station. They may start off working the equipment that is used in the broadcasting. Sometimes, they can start off doing small slots, such as the local weather or hourly news bulletins.
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If you have interest in news and world affairs and you want to be a broadcast journalist, you must start early. Being a broadcast journalist may not be the easiest job, but the experience is definitely rewarding. You will be able to bring the latest news and developments to people. As a broadcast journalist, you can either work on television or on the radio. There are also different specializations that you can take when you become a broadcast journalist.

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Beverley Jones is a former journalist and police press officer, now a novelist, book obsessive and blogger.

Bev was born in a small village in the South Wales valleys, north of Cardiff. She started her journalism career with Trinity Mirror newspapers, writing stories for The Rhondda Leader and The Western Mail, before becoming a broadcast journalist with BBC Wales Today TV news, based in Cardiff.

She has worked on all aspects of crime reporting (as well as community news and features) producing stories and content for newspapers and live TV.

Most recently Bev worked as a press officer for South Wales Police, dealing with the media and participating in criminal investigations, security operations and emergency planning.

Perhaps unsurprisingly she channels these experiences of ‘true crime,’ and her insight into the murkier side of human nature, into her dark, psychological thrillers set in and around South Wales.

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Even with three children, a husband and full class load, Vanessa earned her B.A. in English and communication and dreamed of becoming a broadcast journalist...until reality set in!