Beauty contests degrade womanhood

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Beauty Contests Degrade Womanhood
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Beauty contest degrade womanhood.

Are beauty contests degrading womanhood? - IndiaBIX

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They can show there different abilities & grasp the opportunities to do acting, advertising, job, business, publicity etc. It encourages other narrow minded women; they are not merely for homemaking they can make the world by their brain & beauty. We need to change our mindset, beauty contest never degrading womanhood.

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I don't think beauty contests are degrading womanhood but instead its main purpose is to bring out their womanhood to the world. Having lived in a patriarchal society for most of the history, beauty contests serve as a very apt platform for women to assure their place in the society as a confident and equal gender.

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Do Beauty Contests Degrade Womanhood

My personal opinion is that beauty contests do degrade womanhood and here are my reasons why: •Because you can get weird people around and dressing your baby girl in a costume and ridiculous hair and makeup might not be safe for your little girl. •Because to send a baby, girl or women into a contest to be graded on appearance is terrible, everyone is beautiful from the inside out.

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Beauty contests degrade womanhood

Are Beauty Contests degrading Womanhood