A Midsummer Night's Dream (AMSND)

The play is a Midsummer Night's ritual--a Summer Solstice rite--played out in humorous, parodic terms. Shakespeare is neither hostile to the Pagan tradition nor an uncritical follower of it; it is, like the Christian materials in some of his plays, one source for what is in Shakespeare ultimately always a secular view of the Universe. That said, most critics say that AMSND is one of Shakespeare's most "religious" plays--albeit its religious focus is not Christianity.

​December 16-17 - AMSND Summative Role Play Presentations

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Another year has flown by and we are greeted again by another Red Rose Chain Theatre in the Forest production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (#AMSND), set in Jimmy’s Farm Woodland. The Theatre in the Forest productions are always well received by guests, with last year’s performance attracting over 10,000 excited spectators.

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While hardly the best of the teen-Shakespeare movies of the 2000s, Get Over It has an odd charm to it, due in part to its wacky and sometimes surreal humour (rather fitting, considering the source material). Arguably the best part is "A Midsummer Night's Rockin' Eve", the rock musical version of AMSND they dreamt up for the movie.

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The following terminology is essential for your understanding of this unit. Using your glossary either in your textbook or online textbook, define each term. Allow room to add an example from our reading of AMSND. All of the terminology will be tested in some aspect at the end of this unit. This terminology is different from your regularly tested academic vocabulary.

AMSND utterly magic, wonderful. I've never seen anything better here or anywhere.

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Red Rose Chain normally do a zany take on a straight Shakespearean play, but #AMSND itself is very zany, so the overabundance of kookiness made the central plot difficult to follow. The cast members burst into random dance scenes to modern songs a few times throughout the show and some of the scenes seemed purposely drawn out, which all added to the over running show time. Some of the humour was very good and very well timed, but mostly it came across as childish, silly, and aimed towards a younger audience. Red Rose Chain do know how to perform comedy, which was obvious throughout the show, but some comedy was either ill-advised or poorly worded and struggled to draw laughs from the audience.

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