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In this the age of information, technology touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives in some form or another. From the television that brings us the morning news, the Internet that delivers our emails or the cell phones we use to make calls and return text messages, electronic media are all around us. These wonderfully convenient inventions are so prevalent that we frequently take them for granted. Yet, through their use, we keep in touch with family, are entertained, and even close business deals, all with the . They often even help us save time and money. Technology today provides numerous advantages that were not available only thirty years ago. However, despite the advantages of using electronic media there are many more disadvantages because it can waste a great deal of time, be addicting, and even alienate our friends and family.

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Free Essays on Disadvantage Of Electronic Media through

In an earlier publication, Beverly & Genevieve also described electronicversions of portfolios in a variety of formats including Web-based, HyperStudioand PowerPoint (Irby & Brown, 2000). Various advantagesof electronic media are covered as well as security issues. A majorpoint was that electronic versions are not only emerging as common andmarketable, they can offer a competitive edge over non-electronic versions.

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While I may be called by some, old-school or a dinosaur, I still find electronic articles lack the comfort of printed manuscripts and as a consequence, I tend to spend less time reviewing the articles or figures. I find electronic reports less amenable to writing crib notes in the margins and jumping from one article back to a previous one, more difficult. While I appreciate that many advantages of electronic media exist (the putative green benefits, sharing articles among colleagues and rapid publication), I am pleased that we plan to move forward with a hybrid model where the print format will remain an integral part of our publication plan.

Free Essays on Advantages Of Electronic Media. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30
Free Essays on Disadvantage Of Electronic Media. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30

Once of the advantages of electronic media is reproducibility

The call for successful solutions to workplace problems and the power of actual examples with a proven application in reducing the effects of occupational safety and health problems are not new. The annual reports of the British Factory Inspectorate for the years 1884 and 1886 contained all sorts of examples of machine guarding and other ingenious devices to prevent accidents (). The collection of such solutions in separate publications or databases with the aim of disseminating the information is of more recent date. Revised national laws on occupational safety and health and regulations to control exposure to hazardous substances, which were introduced in various western countries in the late 1970s and 1980s, created a climate favourable to these initiatives. The 1974 Swedish Miljøbanken (Working Environment Bank) and the 1983 UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Noise Control Solutions were among the first initiatives. Later, similar initiatives were taken in Australia, Canada, the USA, Italy and The Netherlands, some making use of the advantages of electronic media (). These initiatives, which addressed a range of different occupational safety and health problems, provide descriptive and condensed information on solutions averaging 2–4 pages in length. Generally, they include a graphic presentation of the solution and are primarily aimed at an audience with a limited training in occupational safety and health. The main aim of the information provided is to stimulate creativity amongst user groups rather than providing detailed and worked out solutions to be implemented immediately. The aim is to get users to pick up principles and ideas and adopt them to their own situations and needs.

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What are the advantages of electronic media over print media

The Designers’ Outpost is a tangible user interface that combines the affordances of paper and a large physical workspace with the advantages of electronic media to support collaborative information design for the web. Based on an earlier ethnographic study, we analyzed web site design practice and developed a system to support the practices used by designers during the early phases of information design.

Various advantages of electronic media are covered as well as security issues

What are some advantages and disadvantages of electronic media?

In our previous studies into web design [1], we found that pens, paper, walls, and tables were often used for explaining, developing, and communicating ideas during the early phases of design. These wall-scale paper-based design practices inspired The Designers’ Outpost [2], a tangible user interface that combines the affordances of paper and large physical workspaces with the advantages of electronic media to support information design. With Outpost, users collaboratively author web site information architectures on an electronic whiteboard using physical media (post-it notes and images), structuring and annotating that information with electronic pens. This interaction is enabled by a touch-sensitive SMART board augmented with a rear-mounted video camera for capturing movement and a front-mounted high-resolution camera for capturing ink.