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you have a real good point and it seems they all of a sudden jumped on that “adopt a black baby” bandwagon… there are lots of white babies who have been abused , moms on drugs,, born to drug addicted moms… but all of a sudden these white women want a black baby!

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whats with all these white people adopting black babies? Can’t they afford to “buy” a white baby?

We are planning on adopting a black baby boy

This is why I get so upset when black people attack white parents for adopting black. Our kids are sitting there in these orphanages and not being adopted. International adoption of black babies is even worse. Who cares who adopts a baby as long as they have a warm bed to sleep on, loving arms and their daily meals. I wish I had more money because I would adopt. I just can’t afford it right now. Precious babies.

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I resented it years ago when Madonna and Angelina Jolie appeared to be adopting Black babies as little more than a celebrity perk.

It’s funny how some westerner’s are questioning how an AFRICAN(Yeah , that would be , Charlize) could adopt a black baby..lmao
Many have asked why are they seeing white celebs adopting black babies. Nothing new under the sun really. But here's a point some have not considered.They adopt blacks because blacks are least likey to be adopted by most white folks. The adoption for black babies is still low, and most whites still want white children. However, here is the ordeal…most white families dont throw there babies away like black teenage girls do, and most black families are not as wealthy, or middle class as whites this is true in every way. I know couples who are still waiting (white) for a white, healthy child to come along. Blacks kids fill up the adoption agencies easy. Blacks unfortunately are not keen still on premarital sex, and the white girls who have babies are often times supported and loved by her family. This is truth (go read more about it). European whites adopt Asians, and go for more tanner caucasions like Middle eastern. or eastern europeans then adopt African babies although some still do. My fiance is French/Assyrian, and im German, were both white, but want to adopt children not based on color, but special needs. Although we want our own as well we still want to adopt children with special needs not based on color, or ethnicity. I hope people understand the meaning of love is not color, and these celeberities know there isnt much white babies that need homes as black children. Children are children no matter what race they are in the eyes of GOD.Adopting a child is such a generous thing to do, it seems like it would be hard to knock anyone who has done so. But an interesting thing happens when white celebrities adopt black babies…Considering that fact that African American babies aren't adopted nearly as easily as babies of any other race (mostly because African Americans adopt in general less than any other demographic), I should say that society as a whole should be grateful to anyone willing to adopt these kids. More (white) Canadian's adopt black babies than Americans.
Anita- “Whites need to stop adopting black babies.” Out of curiosity, why? Why shouldn’t a loving mother give a home to a baby?

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Did you ever see the episode of the BBC's "Absolutely Fabulous" when Edina finds out that the father of her daughters baby is black? She immediately goes into a dream sequence where she's imagining herself with dreadlocks, carrying the baby down Carnaby Street and high-fiving all the rastas on the way. Hilarious - and yet I get the feeling these white morons who are adopting black babies have the same fantasy.

How sad that another white Hollywood celebrity would adopt a black baby! She’s only doing it to show what a good liberal she is!

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OMG @barry this day in age you think all black babies look the same. mxm!!! its a trendy these days in holiwood to adopt black babies I wonder why??

why are these women always adopting black babies, they can also adopt their own.. lots of them need homes also.

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BLACK BABY???....Did TMZ Go To Far Making Fun Of White Celebrities Adopting Black Babies Like Accessories?? -- Video Inside -- BLACK BABY???....Did TMZ Go To Far Making Fun Of White Celebrities Adopting Black Babies Like Accessories?? -- Video Inside