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I am so with the other comments of her adopting a black baby. There are so many babies you hear of in Romania and many other countries where their Moms and Dads have abandoned them and need people to adopt them. What in the hell do white people adopting black babies know about the black culture except the black people??? There are tons of white babies out there! It just doesnt look right. Angelina, Sandra, Charlize? The kids are going to be asked a million and a half questions going through school and in their teenage years! I just can’t see it. It seems as though they are adopting black children like it is the next purse accessory for their wardrobes. Not good. Let the blacks adopt the blacks and the whites adopt the whites!!!!!!!!1

Adopting a Black Baby is Cheaper Than Adopting a White Baby; ..

• The NAACP, for implying that adopting a black baby can score you a lot of hot gay sex.

mitt romney s family welcomes adopted grandchild a black baby

I rarely, if ever, agree with Marc Lamont Hill, but he’s absolutely right on this one: white guilt has taken over the GOP establishment, and Romney may be the RINO’s fall back plan for 2016. So what do you do? Go and adopt a black baby…that should work. What a bunch of clueless phonies.
BTW, wasn’t it Rove and George W’s campaign who made fun of the McCain’s adopting of a minority child–during their 2000 primary contest?
This bunch is a mess.

Sandra Bullock Adopting a Black Baby By GloZell

you have a real good point and it seems they all of a sudden jumped on that “adopt a black baby” bandwagon… there are lots of white babies who have been abused , moms on drugs,, born to drug addicted moms… but all of a sudden these white women want a black baby!

It’s funny how some westerner’s are questioning how an AFRICAN(Yeah , that would be , Charlize) could adopt a black baby..lmao
The paper found that price does play a significant role in choosing a child to adopt—perhaps enough to overcome racial bias. But for the black child market to clear, prices must fall further. The paper finds the cost of adopting a black baby needs to be $38,000 lower than the cost of a white baby, in order to make parents indifferent to race. Boys will need to cost $16,000 less than girls. No doubt, the idea of placing a lower value on children based on race or sex is repugnant. But if it results in finding a loving home for children, and sparing them years in foster care, it may be the lesser of two evils. This suggests that subsidising the adoption of certain kinds of children may be worthwhile. And so far there is that subsidies have increased the rate of adoption out of foster care. Food for thought.First of all - how can we be sure they're not Jewish? But let's presume they aren't. Two words - race traitors. How these morons can show their faces in public is beyond me. There are plenty of white babies that need parents. What the hell do they want to adopt a black baby for?
If a white gay couple had adopted a black baby and put him in a family photo I doubt Mr. Hill’s response would have been the same.

Lmaoo at Mitt Romney's daughter adopting a black baby

Harris-Perry (who, for what it's worth, is an African-American woman with a white mother) apologized, which is the least that should have been done. And Romney, extremely graciously, accepted her apology. It's terrible that the MSNBC panelists are automatically suspicious of a conservative white family adopting a black baby. Or maybe they don't like the idea of a black child, or any child, growing up in such a conservative home. It's not their place to make that judgment. And at least we know the child will grow up in an environment of forgiveness.

What they’re really saying is that a white person adopting a black baby is racist. No elitist liberal extremist would do such a racist thing.

Brüno's own attempts at adopting a black baby doesn't go well

When pro-lifers like myself suggest adoption as the preferred alternative to abortion, it is common for pro-abortionists to sneer, “Yeah, as if conservatives are ever going to adopt an unwanted black baby.”

Masquerade: Kristin Davis: Another White Actress Adopting A Black Baby

What the f*ck is up with Sandra Bullock adopting a black baby?

Baby Tess spent the next nine months in the lovely four-bedroom home here of Pam and Rick Miller. Mrs. Miller is a nurse, Mr. Miller a physical therapist. The Millers have three of their own children and an adopted biracial child. Westchester County thinks so highly of them, it has used Mrs. Miller on television to recruit foster parents. The Millers wanted to adopt Tess but knew white parents would have difficulty adopting a black baby.