CLAIBORNE: The Scoppas do not apologize for adopting black children.

The 2000 census — the first in which information on adoptions was collected — showed that just over 16,000 white households included adopted black children. Adoption experts say there has been a notable increase since 2000.

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So why are white American celebrities choosing to adopt black children? We don’t know the answer to that, but we compiled a list of white celebrities who have chosen transracial adoption.

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Theo Spielberg was born 1988 and adopted by Kate Capshaw before her marriage to famed director Steven Spielberg, who then adopted Theo. He another adopted black child, Mikaela George Spielberg.

If white people can adopt black children, why is it even very affluent, compassionate black people cannot adopt white children? Why is that?
These days Homes for Black Children, now very capably led by Jacquelynn Moffett, focuses much of its work on family preservation and prevention efforts. Even so, the adoption program—which Linda Lipscomb (formerly Whitfield) heads—still averages 40 completed adoptions per year, including placements for older children, sibling groups, and children in residential settings. In addition, about 20 approved African American families are continually waiting, desperately hoping to adopt young black children.So yes, Black families do indeed adopt white children - although it is not as common as white families adopting black children. This, however, is more to do with the fact that statistically - less black parents enter the adoption processes then white families.Your answer seems to be of your opinion rather than of actual fact, because black families are not kept from adopting white children, as you ignorantly imply. Domestically, the process of adopting a black child is just as difficult as adopting a white child. White families often adopt black children from a third-world country because it is, for one, much easier of a process than adopting black children from within their own country. There are dozens of other factors as to why white families adopt black children and they often relate to the desire to privilege a disadvantaged child. Black families adopt from third-world countries as well. The difference is, you rarely hear of a black family adopting white children. It is (perhaps) bias on the behalf of black families. I'm just curious as to why this is so with black families. I mean, a child is a child, right? Well, you probably don't see itI've thought the exact same thing & talked to those types of parents too. I also don't understand how some white families are willing to go all the way to a place like China to adopt an Asian child that everyone will know is adopted but they won't adopt a black child from our own country. The video made me laugh a little (the funniest part was when the guy found the little girl in his yard stealing apples & she turned out to be the narrator of the video), but I can see how some people might be offended by it.
The loaded jumble of viewpoints and anxieties related to transracial adoptions of black children are complex and often contradictory.

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I used to think, if a child is in need and you wish to adopt it should not matter what race the child (or you) are. It would be sad to deny someone a good education, home, safety, halthcare and love. simply because of their race. Everytime I go to the mall or go out I would bump into a white couple/person with a black child, it didnt bother me. This was until recently, a former colleague and friend, who is white said to me "I have adopted a black child check on my Facebook there are pics of us together...."

If white people can adopt black children, why is it even very affluent, compassionate black people cannot adopt white children? Why is that?

we repeatedly hear about white parents adopting black children.

CLAIBORNE: At the Spence Chapin Adoption Agency, counselors urge white parents adopting a black child to integrate their lives, even if it means moving to a racially diverse neighborhood.

Nick Mebruer and daughter Maggie. A judge at first blocked the Mebruers' effort to adopt a black child.

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6. Attention Junkies – Some people adopt black children to make themselves feel important. They like the attention they are getting when someone snares up, or ask questions about raising a black child and feeling as if they are doing a great deed. This self-seeking pleasure is only temporary because like with everything else, it will get old and the person will try to find a new fix.