We are planning on adopting a black baby boy

First of all - how can we be sure they're not Jewish? But let's presume they aren't. Two words - race traitors. How these morons can show their faces in public is beyond me. There are plenty of white babies that need parents. What the hell do they want to adopt a black baby for?

Do A Madonna/Angelina Jolie/Sandra Bullock And Adopt A Black Baby

Sandra Bullock Adopting a Black Baby By GloZell

Amanda Diva on Sandra Bullock Adopting a Black Baby

We Whites are in a genetic competition with all other races for this dominance. We need numbers of us to win. When a White couple adopts a White baby, they are helping further our White genetic code. When they adopt a Black baby, they are helping furher a Black genetic code. That’s why adopting Black or other non-White babies by Whites is bad and why, also, miscegenation between Whites and others is also bad.

Sandra Bullock adopted a black baby

They are also shown to adopt black baby more then libs do Aswell
Act, Sing, marry to cover up being gay and adopt black baby's, but STFU about politics

Why White People Adopt Black Babies - Friends in Adoption

couple adopt a black baby

Black babies cost less to adopt - The Race Card Project

Ben Romney & wife adopt black baby, Left erupts with venom & hate… Posted on October 25, 2013

The Problem With Saying 'Black Babies Cost Less to Adopt'