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It’s quite presumptious to assume that all the AA people you come in contact with, will be hypercritical of your family if you decide to adopt a Black child. Abagond’s commenters aren’t a monolith remember, we come in all shades of grays just like you. Good luck to you, hope you find a child to love real soon.

The Mebruers did not explicitly set out to adopt a black child.

Not everyone is happy to see celebrities traveling abroad to adopt a black child

I'm black African and even I wouldn't adopt a black child

Congrats on your new little accesory. Pity you forgot about the hundreds of white homless children in your own hometown also looking for a place in this world. You had to do the hollywood thing and adopt a black child purley for fassion purposes. I hope this child gets real love and not treated as a trophy. The africana nation turns their back on you. Best you stay in america unless you whant to be spat on.

521,400 survey respondents said they would adopt a black child

Caroline, who is white, originally considered adopting a girl from India. "I thought, 'Well, women are at the bottom of the ladder in India, why not get a girl from there?'" But when she actually started to investigate, she found that previously fruitful sources had dried up. "Then I refocused and thought maybe a black child. It's usually hard [for whites] to adopt a black child in the United States," says Caroline, "because there's a lot of opposing opinion."

All else equal is it better for a white person to adopt a black child or to leave that black child in foster care?
Your answer seems to be of your opinion rather than of actual fact, because black families are not kept from adopting white children, as you ignorantly imply. Domestically, the process of adopting a black child is just as difficult as adopting a white child. White families often adopt black children from a third-world country because it is, for one, much easier of a process than adopting black children from within their own country. There are dozens of other factors as to why white families adopt black children and they often relate to the desire to privilege a disadvantaged child. Black families adopt from third-world countries as well. The difference is, you rarely hear of a black family adopting white children. It is (perhaps) bias on the behalf of black families. I'm just curious as to why this is so with black families. I mean, a child is a child, right? Well, you probably don't see itAs for why you see more whites adopting blacks than the other way around -there are more black babies available. Black couples wanting to adopt don't have to wait long (or may have no wait at all) for a placement for a black child. If they want to adopt a white baby, they may have to wait years for a match. Since the goal of adoption is to have a child, there is no incentive for black families to adopt outside their race. Why would a black couple who desires a child wait years for a white child when they can adopt a black child within a few weeks or months?I've thought the exact same thing & talked to those types of parents too. I also don't understand how some white families are willing to go all the way to a place like China to adopt an Asian child that everyone will know is adopted but they won't adopt a black child from our own country. The video made me laugh a little (the funniest part was when the guy found the little girl in his yard stealing apples & she turned out to be the narrator of the video), but I can see how some people might be offended by it.Walters defended the willingness of couples to reach out to children of different races: "I have to disagree with you. Yes, it is a true story, but I would hope that we would get to the day where the fact that a black family could adopt a white – or that a white family could adopt a homeless black child and it would not be applauded by all the races, I think to say, ‘Oh, it's one more white people helping.’ It was a wonderful story, and it was a story of closeness between two races."
But if it still costs $8,000 to adopt a black child, that will dampen demand.

I just want to know why a white person would adopt a black child

So-called transracial adoptions have surged since 1994, when the Multiethnic Placement Act reversed decades of outright racial matching by banning discrimination against adoptive families on the basis of race. But the growth has been all one-sided. The number of white families adopting outside their race is growing and is now in the thousands, while cases like Katie’s—of a black family adopting a nonblack child—remain frozen at near zero.

Contrary to this mom, I am white and I used to only want to adopt a black child

Six Words: 'Black Babies Cost Less To Adopt' : NPR

· 521,400 survey respondents said they would adopt a black child. In fact, there were 41,591 black children in foster care waiting to be adopted -- or, 12.5 prospective parents for each waiting child.

They will probably adopt a black child to get a show and higher ratings

White Parents Adopting Black Kids: Who Cares? - The Root

Wait. She needed support from black people to adopt a black child? Because all I think is relevant is that she gave two children a parent and a home when they had none.