We are planning on adopting a black baby boy

Civil Rights Activism
The worship may have been familiar in style, but Peoples Temple’s social and political activism was something new. It appealed to African Americans looking for alternatives to their conservative churches. Many black ministers in the late 1950s and into the 1960s were still preaching patience, asking their congregations to accept inequities and await a better future in heaven, even as forceful young leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were demanding changes in the here and now. In many ways, Jones worked in the vanguard of these societal shifts, providing meals and home care services to the most economically distressed in Indianapolis, without discriminating by race. He and his wife were the first white couple to adopt a black baby in the state in 1961, the year Freedom Riders trying to desegregate interstate buses were brutally attacked in Alabama. Anonymous threats targeted the Jones family, and they received notes stating that people were praying for the death of their black son. By the mid-1960s, it was clear to Jones that Indiana was not yet ready for the changes he advocated. He looked elsewhere for his vision of a multiracial community.

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mitt romney s family welcomes adopted grandchild a black baby

Do A Madonna/Angelina Jolie/Sandra Bullock And Adopt A Black Baby

The Sunday services had a set routine. First, the magnificent interracial and intergenerational choir would sing the most exhilarating hymns and songs. Many of the songs were original, and many were rewritten to reflect the Temple philosophy. Jim’s wife Marcie often sang “Black Baby,” about Jimmy, their adopted black child. Jim and Marcie had been the fi st white couple to adopt a black baby in the state of Indiana. An ex-convict named Melvin Johnson would sing “Walk a Mile in My Shoes.” Everyone who sang seemed to be singing about himself or herself, but we each saw ourselves in the songs too. The music would unify all of us, and the enthusiasm would have everyone up and dancing. Then Jim would come to the pulpit. Sometimes he wore a crimson robe or he would wear this worn-looking red-striped velour

Amanda Diva on Sandra Bullock Adopting a Black Baby

14 The most glaring example of Bette's assimilation to White culture occurs in an early episode of The L Word. Bette and Tina attend a therapy session for people interested in parenting. In the session, an easily identified Black woman, Yolanda, challenges Bette to assert her own Blackness. This occurs when the group discusses adoption. Yolanda says to Bette, "it is only hard to adopt as a lesbian if you want a White baby." A Latina responds, "What is wrong with a White person wanting to adopt a Black baby?" Bette does not correct the mistake. Yolanda says to Bette, "You talk so proud about being a lesbian but you never once mentioned you're an African American woman." This example, while making clear the absurdity of biological notions of race, reminds us how often we use cultural knowledge to assert race as an identity. Sometimes, race is not clearly visible through skin color and other physical traits (as in the case of Bette). If she wants to be identified as part Black, then she must assert herself as such.

What they’re really saying is that a white person adopting a black baby is racist. No elitist liberal extremist would do such a racist thing.
It was 1987, and Lin and her husband Peter had decided to adopt a black baby.

I'd adopt a black baby,if I knew it'd be 6'9 or above

wow what a bunch of pessimistic old cows we have here.. of COURSE she did it for publicity, no one would ever adopt a black baby out of the goodness of their heart!

Re: the seeming contradiction that parents will adopt a black baby from ..

I know a woman who wants to adopt a black baby

The author of the comic is known simply as "Billy", and is the comic hero. The stories are based on his experiences being raised by adoptive Jew parents and struggling against their corrupt kike agenda. According to his bio, Billy was born to white parents who decided to give him away and "adopt a black baby they could use to brag about to all their friends." Disgusted at such blatant use of affirmative action in the household, Billy dedicated his life to revealing the liberal disease. Fortunately for us all, Billy was eventually adopted by the gold digging masterminds of such degradation; the heebs themselves! Through Billy's courageous espionage, the world is now knowledgeable of the insidious Jew agenda that makes you and think!

I don't understand why white women with a white son and white husband adopt a black baby

Go and adopt a black baby…that should work

I rarely, if ever, agree with Marc Lamont Hill, but he’s absolutely right on this one: white guilt has taken over the GOP establishment, and Romney may be the RINO’s fall back plan for 2016. So what do you do? Go and adopt a black baby…that should work. What a bunch of clueless phonies.
BTW, wasn’t it Rove and George W’s campaign who made fun of the McCain’s adopting of a minority child–during their 2000 primary contest?
This bunch is a mess.